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Dear Ravi

Here is  a brief introduction about myself as request in your welcoming

I have been a member of the School of Philosophy in NZ, UK and Australia
for the last 20 yeras, These schools were started by Leon Maclaren in
the 1930s and aim to teach the practical application of Advaita Vedanta
as taught by Adhi Shankara.

I am currently teaching at John Colet  School, Sydney, a primary school
run by the School of Philosophy, which teaches children: Sanskrit,
Shakespeare, Vedic dance and pratical Advaita philosophy as well as the
standard Government curriculum.

I have a intrests in Sanskrit and Latin, the Vedic Epics such as
Ramayana and Mahabharata as well as classical languages such as Latin.

I look forward to participating in this discussion group.

many thanks

Ross Farrelly

John Colet School, 6 Wyatt Ave, Belrose, Sydney 2085
ross.farrelly at
ph (h) 9451 2152, (b) 9451 8395, fax 9451 2152

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