Prarabda and purushaartha

sadananda sada at ANVIL.NRL.NAVY.MIL
Mon Jul 27 08:27:46 CDT 1998

Sri Gummuluru Murthy's note on Prarabda while amusing, although I am sure
Sri Murthy  is well aware, requires some clarification.

While Prarabda is there in vyavahaara, there is also a purushaartha.  That
I see a particular mail that disagrees with my understanding is prarabda,
and that I chose to respond or chose not respond in my case by dropping
with the statement that I agree to disagree, is purushartha.

As Swami Chinmayanandaji put it - what you have is prarabda and what you do
with what you have is purushaartha.

Within vyavahaara, there are three choices one has: kartum shakhyam,
akartum shakhyam and anyathaa kartum shakhyam, one can decide to do it, one
can decide not to do it and one can do it other way. Whatever one chooses
is his purushaartha.  The future prarabda is the past prarabda modified by
the present actions that one chooses to do.  Hence responding to the mail
involves both prarabda and purushaartha.  What kind of response one makes
obviously depends on ones understanding plus ones samskaara in the choice
of the words and the tone.

Looking back, I also realize that there was an extensive discussion in the
past on to what extent an external sanyaasa is required for moksha and the
role of karma etc.  Those who are interested can look into those archives.

Hari Om!

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