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Gummuluru Murthy gmurthy at MORGAN.UCS.MUN.CA
Mon Jul 27 07:14:48 CDT 1998


I am grateful to Shri Giridhar for his views. I would like to make the
following brief points.

1. I did not touch or did not even mention the word "free-will" in my
post. It is Shri Giridhar who imagines my saying that and comments how
"foolish" my article is.

2. My post is on prArabdha karma. If Shri Giridhar believes there is
nothing like prArabdha karma (in vyavahArika), it is his privilege.

3. Shri Giridhar quotes HH Kanchi PITAdhipati with an example given
by Him.
My article on prArabdha karma is with regard to the effect of any
particular action and how one should view the effect as God's grace.
You do action (as dictated by your inner Consciousness) and accept
results as what God has intended for you.
I do not want to comment on Shri Giridhar's mixing up my interpretation
and giving it a flavour which he likes to put on it.

4. Shri Giridhar quotes a long article from "The Hindu" on NRI's and
their dis-service to Hinduism.

(a) I respect "The Hindu" as a newspaper.
(b) I do not know in what context that particular excerpt is written
by The Hindu.
(c) As I commented to Shri Ravi sometime ago, the debate is not a
debate if the messenger is attacked rather than the message. It is
unfortunate that it has become a modern debating practice; it takes
attention away from the message and, distastefully, the messenger
becomes the attention point.
(d) Shri Giridhar does not know anything about me. He has not seen
my face, nor known any personal details about me, nor my personal
values. Yet, he quotes, (and by quoting, he assents), a long diatribe
by The Hindu on NRI's (written in what context I do not know), putting
all the NRI's under a very wide brush.
(e) I am saddened that Shri Giridhar quotes such an article out of
context and by quoting it, approves it in this context. I did not
expect it from Shri Giridhar, for whom I have utmost respect.
(f) In all my posts uptill now, I have never attacked the messenger's
personal integrity and I would like to keep it that way.
(g) I think the debating standards would be high if we do not attribute
motives to the messenger of the message and if we do not make the
messenger the topic of the debate.

Gummuluru Murthy

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