Karma and Sanyasa

Maadhavan Srinivasan maadhavan at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jul 20 08:41:15 CDT 1998


I have a doubt regarding renunciation.

To attain Jeevan Mukth state, Is it necessary to renounce physically?

How come, being a king, Janaka was in Jeevan Muktha state.

( If one is a king, he can't renounce everything physically.)

And please explain the term, " Renounce Physically ".

My understanding is, one has to renounce all his physical possessions.
Then, his body is  the primary possession. So, if he renounce physically
he can't live .

So, i think physical renunciation is not a must to attain Mukthi.
But mental renunciation is a must.

( If we realize TRUTH, we are not renouncing anything but we will become



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