Puja,Japa and Homa

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Wed Jul 15 20:00:43 CDT 1998


This discussion on puja is very interesting and informative.   I am glad
people take time to express their view points.

I like to add something I believe is right.  May be somebody is there who
disagrees with me and Devi Vakya.

Rules, Regulations and Restrictions do not apply when one does manasika
(mental) puja/japa.   caution: Do not do it while driving.  In ekagrata, which
will happen, you might loose control.

Now regarding Devi Vakya.  Here is what she said:

Markendeya Puranam, Durga Saptasati, DwadasoAdhyaaya, 11th mantra.

Devi Uvacha:

   Om Jaanata Ajaanata vapi, Balipujam thadhakrutam
   Pratikshishya myaham preethya, vahnihomam tadhakrutam

If you know the meaning of this mantram, you know what Devi said.

Regards                                                 Nagy

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