Vaidya N. Sundaram sundaram at ECN.PURDUE.EDU
Tue Jul 14 12:40:13 CDT 1998

 I am sorry there has been this long a delay in the commentary on the
vivekachUdAmani. Unfortunately, as I was using the book from the Purdue
Libraries, i was forced to return it at short notice. It so happens that
this one book is not bar coded like almost all others here, and this
particular one did not get renewed when i renewed the rest. I hence face
the task of now trying to regain possession and i expect it to be soon.
 Once again, I am very sorry about this delay.

bhava shankara desika-me sharaNam.

                      Vaidya N. Sundaram
 The place, time, objects and their knower etc., projected in a dream
during sleep are all mithyA (an illusion/false). So too, here. in the
waking state, the world that is seen is a projection by one's own
ignorance. Likewise, this body, the senses, the breath, the ego etc.,
are all unreal. Therefore, That thou art, the peaceful, defectless,
supreme, non-dual Brahman.  -- Adi Shankara in VivekacUdAmani.

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