Habits are difficult to get rid of - here is why!.

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Thu Jul 9 10:16:28 CDT 1998

Below is an extract from a recent talk given by Swami Dheeraanandaji of
Chinmaya Mission, Washington.
Hari Om!
Habits are really difficult to break.  Our very bondage is due to our habitual
notion of thinking that we are limited, that we are the Body- Mind-
Intellect (B-M-I).  No amount of intellectual conviction can remove that
Habit completely. Sadhana is required to break this habit.

The word HABIT itself portrays this idea poignantly.

Remove H from HABIT and A-Bit still remains

Remove H-A from HABIT and Bit still remains

Remove H-A-B from HABIT  and 'IT' (the Ego) still remains

Remove the "I", the essence of the ego too and then what remains in the end
is - only "T" (The Truth).
- Swami Deeraanandaji of Chinmaya Mission Washington Regional Center.

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