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Hello all,

I am a 20-year old third-year student at the University of Rochester
majoring in optics.  I follow the teaching of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi,
and have found his practice of Self-inquiry of great help to me in my
spiritual practices.  I have been "interested" in Vedanta for the past 6-7
years, having attended Sunday classes through the Washington, D.C. branch of
Chinmaya Mission (many of these classes held under K. Sadananda, another
member of this listserve).  However, I have really only recently (i.e.,
within the past year or two) felt the full purpose of my life, so to speak.
I guess it was my prarabhdha to not really delve into the Self, through
whatever means, until recently.  I was first originally drawn into Vedanta
for its promise of intellectually-stimulating philosophical discussions and
depths of subtle nuances.  After so many years of seemingly futile
discussions, however, I feel that silence is best.  Why, then, am I joining
this group?  I guess the main reason is that, when I find myself doing
"Self"-related activities (as though non-Self activities existed), such as
reading, listening to karnatic music or bhajans, taking peaceful walks,
etc., I am more motivated to practice Self-Inquiry.  I am fully aware that
this necessity of being in the presence of so-called divine influences is in
itself a vaasana on my part.  However, I hope that by my taking these
opportunities (along with any others in which I am able) to dissolve the
mind into the Self, I am removing these vaasanas from my mind.

I must apologize for being so verbose.  I have been reading the archives of
this group for some time, and am very excited about the group.  The
discussions in this group always provoke me to again and again practice
Self-Inquiry.  Thank you for this opportunity.

Hari Om.


Kartik Srinivas
CPU Box 271203
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627

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