Summary of 20 names beginning with "la' of vAgbhava kUTA

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Sun Jul 5 21:36:29 CDT 1998


61. lakArarUpa
SHE who is signified by the 4th letter "la" of the mantra.
AUM lakArarUpAyai namaH

62. lalitA
SHE who is beautiful.
AUM lalitAyai namaH

63. lakShmI-vANI-niShevitA
SHE who is served by lakShmI and vANI.
AUM lakSmI-vANI-niShevitAyai namaH

64. lAkiNI
SHE is who is devoid of falsehood, inertia, and sorrow.
AUM lAkiNyai namaH

65. lalanArUpA
SHE who has the form of woman.
AUM lalnArUpAyai namaH

66. lasaddADimapATalA
SHE who has the lusture of pomegranate flower.
AUM lasadddADimapATalAyai namaH

SHE whose forehead is adorned by the ornament lalantikA
AUM lalantikAlasatphAlAyai namaH

68. lalATa-nayanArchitA
SHE who is worshipped by one with eye between eyebrows.
AUM lalATanayanArchitAyai namaH

69. lakShaNojvaladivyA"ngI
SHE whose form is effulgent with auspicious signs.
AUM lakShaNojvaladivyA"ngyai namaH

70. lakShakoTyaNDAnAyikA
SHE who is the leader of billions of Universes.
AUM lakShakoTyaNDAnAyikAyai namaH

71. lakShyArthA
SHE who is the goal of lakShaNa.
AUM lakSyArthAyai namaH

72. lakShaNAgamyA
SHE who is inaccessible lakShaNa
AUM lakShaNAgamyAyai namaH

73. labdhakAmA
SHE who has no unfulfilled desires.
AUM labdhakAmAyai namaH

74. latAtanuH
SHE who is tender and compassionate like kalpalatA (a creeper).
AUM latAtanavE namaH

75. lalAmarAjadalikA
SHE whose forehead is adorned with ornamental marks (made of musk)
AUM lalAmarAjadalikAyai namaH

76. lambimuktAlatAnchitA
SHE who is adorned with pearl pendants studded with precious gems.
AUM lambimuktAlatAnchitAyai namaH

77. lambodaraprasUH
SHE who is the mother of Lord Ganesha.
AUM lambodaraprasave namaH

78. labhyA
SHE who is accessible while in saMsAra
AUM labhyAyi namaH

79. lajjADhyA
She who is shyful and modest.
AUM lajjADhyAyai namaH

80. layavarjitA
SHE who transcends dissolution.
AUM layavarjitAyai namaH

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