What is Krishna ? Bhagavad-gita 7.03 and 7.26

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Thu Jul 2 12:25:50 CDT 1998


It is good to think of the dialogue of shrI kR^iShNa and arjuna from a
symbolic point of view. But one should also keep in mind that shrI
kR^iShNa is Ishvara.

When one is in the plane of duality and when one thinks that he is real,
his wife and children are real, his boss at work and colleagues are real,
deal with them all attributing reality to all of them. Having conflicts
and friendship, love and hatred towards the fellow human beings, but
denying the reality to shrI kR^ishna is not correct.

shrI kR^iShNa is Ishwara. He is to be worshipped.  Like you and me, he is
real in this plane. It is not fiction that was told to educate us all
about Atmaj~nAna.  It is something which really happened.


shrI shrI rAmakR^iShNa paramahamsa while in his death bed declares his
Godhead to svAmi vivekAnanda, stating that he is same as Lord Rama and
Lord Krishna, not in a metaphorical or philosophical sense, but really.
Many pages of Gospel of shrI Ramakrishna paramahansa brought tears to me.
I could not but weep when I read those pages.

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