83. hrI.nkArabIjA

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Wed Jul 1 21:40:20 CDT 1998

83. hrI.nkArabIjA

SHE is expressed by the bIjA hrIM. What is a bIjA? That which reveals the
deity is known as bIjA ( j~nApakam devatAnAM yadbIjAmakSharamuchyate ).
Like the banian seed (bIjA) which indicates the cause of the of future
banian tree within it, hrIM reveals  and indicates the mAyA within it.
Hence, it is called bIjA.

According to sat kAryavAda, the jagat of name and form exists in as sat in
avyakta. avyakta is the cause and jagat is its kArya. Like the future
banian tree in the seed. When the cause manifests itself as multiplicity
of names and forms in HER presence, it is called creation. Since hrIM
expresses Awareness limited by mAyA (as the cause of creation) it
expresses HER.

AUM hrI.nkArabIjAyai namaH

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