Memory, part of the Self?

Chandran, Nanda (NBC) Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Fri Feb 27 15:25:22 CST 1998

I've had this question for quite a while now. Infact I'd asked it a
couple of times on this list, but no answer.

Is the Soul already divine or has to potential to be divine?

I think Vivekananda preaches the latter. Sadananda, a few days back
posted a very informative reply to my question about memory being part
of the Self. In that he said (or that's what I thought he did!) - the
Self when it identifies itself with the 'I', the result is the memory,
but when it identifies with nothing it's Brahman. Makes sense. But if
the Soul is capable of identifying with the I, doesn't it contradict the
Upanishads, which says the Self cannot be affected by anything else? If
this is true then we can say the Soul is already divine, else wouldn't
the latter statement regarding the potential, be true?

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