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Ravi wrote:

>namaskAram  Anand
>Recently in nArAyaNa gAyatri thread you mentioned about shrI
>sAyaNAcharya. Can you write more details about him. Recently I learnt
>that he is a great vedic scholar and he established the importance of
>atharva veda.

 namastubhyaM Ravi,

  I dont know a whole lot about SaayaNa. I will just add a few points
  to what Jaldhar said. I remember vaguely a verse about the
  connection between Maadhava (VidyaaraNya) and SaayaNa.

  shriimati jananii yasya sukiirtirmaayaNaH pitaa |
  saayaNo bhoganaathashcha manobuddhii sahodarau ||
  baudhaayanaM yasya suutraM shaakhaa yasya cha yaajushhii |
  bhaaradvaajaM yasya gotraM sa hi sarvaGYo maadhavaH ||

  He is the all-knowing Maadhava, whose mother was Shriimatii,
  father MaayaNa of good fame, whose brothers SaayaNa and
  Bhoganaatha were of like mind and intellect, whose suutra was
  Baudhaayana, whose Vedic shaakhaa was of the Yajur Veda,
  and whose gotra was Bhaaradvaaja.

  Here it is stated that SaayaNa and Maadhava were brothers,
  and also that there was a third brother Bhoganaatha. VidyaaraNya
  later became the Svaamii of the Sringeri Math.

  There is another theory which identifies SaayaNa and Maadhava
  VidyaaraNya. Maybe Vidya can make some comments about this?

  SaayaNa is well known as Chaturvedabhaashhyakaara, the commentator
 on the four vedas. I will try to find out more about him from
 some old books I have in Kannada.


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