Need help with Shloka

sadananda sada at ANVIL.NRL.NAVY.MIL
Wed Feb 25 13:03:16 CST 1998

After posting I realize that there are four more letters in each of the
lines beyond the 16 letters.  Now I donot know if it folllows any
particular meter.
But there is some asymmetry in the two halves which generally not the case.
Hari Om!

>namaste Shree,
>  This is what I came up with:
> shivaM shiva-karam.h sanaathaM shivaatmaanaM
>shivottamam.h |
> shiva-maarga praNe-dharaM praNa-Dho.asmi
>sadaa-shivaM ||
>  As you can see, I had trouble with "saantham"
>and came up with "sanaathaM" (having the Lord as
>Protector). This is very beautiful. Thank you
>for sharing this shloka with us.
>OM shaantiH, shaantiH, shaantiH
>  Mantralaura

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