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> By shrii lalita's grace I got hold of the commentary on lalita
> trishatii by shankara. It is very nice to read.
> I am sorry for the delay in my reply.

No problem. I am sure you must be busy juggling work and Ph.D. Yes, the
commentary is excellent. It very nicely gives the advaitic interpretation of
the trishatI. He has actually ignored he usual shAkta representations and has
given the upanishhadic interpretation of the work.

BTW, I was browsing the archives during lunch today and came across the
nArAyaNa gAyatrI thread. It IS in fact chanted during the morning pa.nchAyatana
pUjA. Usually it is chanted after the nArAyaNa sUktam. That is the tradition.
MantraLaura had mentioned vishhNu sUktam, but offhand I don't see any harm in
chanting it after the vishhNu sUktam also. But don't take my word for it,

And have a deep meditation session on the eve of shivarAtrI.


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