Maanasa yaatraa to the 12 Jyotirlinga's - tryaMbaka

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Tue Feb 24 10:01:46 CST 1998

 I would like to continue my dvaadasha jyotirlinga series with this
 verse in honor of tryambakeshvara mahaadeva, on this most
 auspicious day of Mahaashivaraatrii.

sahyaadrishiirshhe  vimale vasantaM
                 godaavariitiirapavitradeshe |
yaddarshanaatpaatakamaashu naashaM
                 prayaati taM tryaMbakamiishamiiDe ||

sahyaadrishiirshhe - on the peak of the Sahyaadri mountain
vimale - pure, clean
vasantaM - living
godaavariitiira - the banks of the river Godaavarii
pavitradeshe - sacred place
yaddarshanaat.h - by whose vision
paatakam - sin
aashu - quickly
naashaM - destruction
prayaati - attains
taM - that
tryaMbakam - tryaMbaka,  Shiva
iisham - the lord
iiDe - I praise

 I praise Lord tryambakeshavara who lives on the peak of the Sahyaadri
 mountain, in the sacred place that is the banks of the river
 Godaavarii, and at whose sight all sin is destroyed quickly.

 According to the Manu Smriti, the great sins (paataka's) are defined
 as follows:

 brahmahatyaa suraapaanaH steyaM gurvanganaagamaH |
 mahaapaatakaanyaahuH saMsargashcha taissaha ||

 Killing a braahmaNa, drinking alcoholic beverages, theft, and
 sexual intercourse with the wife of the Guru, are said to be
 the great sins.
 Anyone, who associates with a person who has committed such a sin,
 also commits a great sin.

 About tryambakeshvar: This Jyotirlinga is near Nasik in modern
 Maharashtra. It is about 18 miles from Nasik-Panchavati (where
 Shrii Raamachandra lived with Siitaa and LaxmaNa for some time),
 near Brahmagiri and on the banks of the river Godavari.

 Pilgrims worship tryambakeshvar Mahadeva after the customary holy
 dip in the Kushavarta Teerth. On the occasion of the Mahashivaratri,
 a huge crowd of people from all over the country gathers to
 participate in the worship.


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