nArAyaNa gAyatri

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On Thu, 19 Feb 1998, Ravi Mayavaram wrote:

> My original question has to do with shrii nArAyaNa gAyatri. I dont
> understand the vidmahe term well. Should it be interpreted as "known
> as".  The format of the gAyatri addressed to deities are very similar
> and it is distinctly different from sAvitri mantra
> like
> AUM kAtyAyanAya vidmahe kanyakumAri dhImahI
> tanno durgi prachodayat.
> Unlike the sAvitri mantra, these gAyatris do not make the deity under
> consideration as source of all and  the term prachodyat is like stand
> alone. What is being awakened or kindled? My knowledge of sanksrit
> tends to zero ;-), that is why I asked a detailed explanation.

vidmahe has the sense "may we know".  Becouse these Gayatris are for
upasana the intention expressed is to become one with the deity.

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