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Subject: Importance of Shiva ratri

        Shiva ratri is celebrated every year on Magha bahuLa chaturdashi.
Shiva incarnated in the form of linga on this auspicious day ( story
relating to quarrel between brahma & vishhNu to find out the mightiest ).

        Another story relating to celebration of shiva ratri is the kshira
sagara mathanaM (churning of the milky ocean).  It is believed that on
this particular day lord shiva consumed the poison from the milky ocean to
give ambrosia to gods.

        Chaturdashi of the dark fortnight of every month is celebrated as
"Masa shivaratri".  Another story relates to the marriage of shiva &
parvati on this auspicious day.  It is believed that shiva opened his eyes
on this particular day to see parvati, who was serving him for a long

        shiva is worshipped with bilva leaves, milk & water in all shiva
temples.  People observe fast during the day and stay awake whole night
meditating on shiva & shiva tattva

Om namaH shivaaya

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