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Hello Ravi,
I read your email [18/2]to me today 21/2/98 saying that you had not
received my into. I did send one but not to worry, here's another.

A 2nd year philosophy/religious studies and yoga student.

I am trying to find comparisons with eastern non dualistic thought
and western philosophers as well as understand how it is possible to
conceive of the Absolute through the teachings of Sankara. The method
of negation; not this, not that does not lead to a positive or
qualitive conception yet Sankara asserts that his doctrine is not to
be confused with the buddhist's concept of the void as absolute.
Any ideas on how he could maintain the distinction without
attributing positive qualities would be much appreciated.

I am unsure how can we communicate or even interpret
texts[speech/words] that have meaning from their 'differences' as
meaning undifferentiated.

Finally, what sort of experience is it [emotional or perceptual] that
we are to be led to in order to realize our 'true' nature as
unchanging and subsequently view the world of name and form as

all comments gratefully appreciated

BennettJ at CF.AC.Uk

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