naaraayaNa gaayatrii

Sun Feb 22 11:23:08 CST 1998

namaskaaraM Greg,
  When you order the tape, ask for the transcript
that goes with it - "Lord dakShiNaamuurti Temple
Prayer Booklet".  I think that the transcript with the
cassette costs $10.00. (phone:  717-992-2339)
  Bob Neilly can help you. He runs the Book and
Tape Dept. The transcript is totally in devanaagarii
script. However, the "evening puujaa" portion is
partially translated.
  A note of interest:  I had started to transcribe the
morning and evening puujaas for the Sanskrit List,
but when looking for meanings to the various
suuktams and mantras, I discovered that practically
everything was in the Vedas and that is how I began
my personal studies of the R^igVeda. There is a
"chanting" transcript that goes with a chanting cassette.
Many of the mantras are translated in there and you
might ask Bob about this transcript and tape since
you are interested.  These mantras are chanted in the
puujaas and are found in the R^igVeda and YajurVeda.


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