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> Namaste. The comment is well taken. Is Brahman describable ? If so, how,
> except in neti, neti form

We say for instance that Brahman is sat, chit, and anand.  There are many
other positive descriptions of Brahman in the Vedas.

> I agree with the latter part of the comment
> that Brahman is certainly not a void. I would also seek clarification
> on what Charles wrote, quoting Shri Shankara that Brahman is a well-known
>                                                                ^^^^^^^^^^
> entity. I see it at the other extreme - very hard to comprehend -
> guhAdguhyam - most secretive.

Brahman is known through the shastras.  The import of the shastras may not
be easily understood but Vedanta assures us that it is possible to be

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Could I get the translation too?  I'm interested in ordering it from the
AVG bookstore.


At 08:39 AM 2/21/98 -0500, MANTRALAURA at DELPHI.COM wrote:
>namaskaaraM Ravi,
>  If you would like to hear the viShNu
>gaayatrii chanted by Swaami Viditatmaananda,
>he chants it on the "Morning puujaa / Evening
>puujaa" cassette that Arsha Vidya Gurukulam
>has in the book store. It is chanted during the
>morning puujaa after the naaraayaNa suuktam
>and just before the viShNu suuktam.

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