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                                      Brahmaiva Satyam


Several years ago I read some where that dreams can be manipulated and
controlled. I think the term they used is lucid dream where you have the
opportunity to control the way it is going like your life in waking stage.  If
this is true we have onle TWO states instead of three.  Waking and deep sleep.
Nobody knows but guess what happens in deep sleep but it is good to have deep
sleep.  If death is like deep sleep why worry about  it.  Coming to the point
do we have 2 or 3 states.

Anybody like to comment?


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The mathematical concept of Sample Space in Set Theory contains the two
sub spaces:
(1) Omega  - which includes all the elements of the space.
(2) Null  - which contains no element.
Omega and Null are mutually exclusive and complementary to each other.
Identification one of them is both  necessary and sufficient.  Null
space is actually the resultant residue after the full establishment of
Omega.  Every abstract theory or model can be characterized by  a set
of  axioms and a set of sample points that satisfy those axioms.  The
elaboration of Vedanta is parallel to the concepts described in the
sample space with specified axioms and rule.

The two fundamental concepts of Vedanta -- Brahman and Maayaa are
equivalent to Omega and Null spaces of the sample spaces. Brahman is
everything and Maayaa is nothing!  But Maayaa is essential to comprehend
Vedanta and the  Null space is essential to understand Set theory. This
may explain why historians of the world are able to recognize the
mathematical talents of our Seers and Sages.  The theory of real numbers
represents another abstract algebra where Infinity represents Omega Zero
represents the Null.  It is no wonder that the origin of infinity and
zero is India and specifically Vedanta. At last, the worlds of
mathematicians have also acknowledged the contributions of ancient
Indians to fundamental concepts in mathematics, astronomy and religion.

Mathematical theories and Vedanta are valid within the well- defined
axioms and rules of algebra. A violation of mathematical rules can be
detected and correctly easily.  Advaita, Dwaita and Vishistadwaita are
developed using assumptions and axioms that are based on beliefs.  All
of three do not violate the underlined principles of algebra.
Mathematical assumptions and rules are accepted universally. On the
other hand  the fundamental assumptions of Vedanta depend on the beliefs
and consequently violations are often pointed out by nonbelievers.

Ram Chandran
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