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Fri Feb 20 16:22:06 CST 1998

 Raghavendra wrote:
>Very beautiful ! I was wondering if the words used to signify the
>deities in
>the gAyatrii s
>had special significance. e.g in Rudra/Shiva gAyatrii: tanno rudrah
>prachodayaat.h is used and not tannah shivah prachodyaat.h.
>Like in nAraayaNa gAyatri the words nArAyaNa, vAsudEva and vishnu are

 For the explanation of the significance of the words in the
 various gAyatrii's, we will have to consult the commentaries on
 the upanishhad by SAyaNa and others. For an elaboration of the
 nArAyaNa gAyatrii, please see the commentary by BhaTTabhaaskara
 on the taittiriiya AraNyaka and the commentary by SAyaNa on the
 the same for the rudra gAyatrii. The mahaanArAyaNa upanishhad forms
 a part of the taittiriiya AraNyaka. There is also a work called
 diipikaa by nArAyaNa on the upanishhad. The explanation of the terms
 vishhNu, etc. may also be found in Shankara's commentary on the
 Vishnu sahasra naama.


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