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Dear Sri Ravi,
This is in reply to your instructions for me to to write a brief note about
myself and my interests while joining the 'adviata home page' listing:

My name is Shikaripura K. Harihareswara, and I come from Shimoga,
Karnataka, India. Now I am in Stockton, California, USA. I statrted
learning Sanskrit from very young age - thanks to my maternal grand
father Sri Shyam Bhatta and my maternal uncle Sri Lakshminarayana
Bhatta. I am grateful to the the teachers of Sanskrit in my Middle &
High- Schools and the College who helped me in keeping the interest
alive and burning. I have been a student (and occasionally a teacher)
of the beautiful language since then. I study a lot on Vedic literature
and have tried to put a few thoughts of my own in the articles I write
(and speak) from time to time on related topics. Comparitve Theology
is one of my pet subjects. I love and am devoted to Kannada.

An Engineer by profession, I was teaching in the Universities for about
eleven years and I like my student community. I wish to learn more from
reading, writing and discussing on the Internet webpages.

(I hope this info will suffice and am willing to tell more about me in
detail to any one who asks for it! )
-S K Harihareswara
8412 Fontenay Way,
Stockton, CA 95210, USA

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