Life and Soul: The 3 States, Real or Unreal? (Con't)

Chelluri at AOL.COM Chelluri at AOL.COM
Tue Feb 17 19:51:38 CST 1998

                                                Brahmaiva Satyam

Thanks MantraLaura for bringingup the subject of mind.   We discussed this
subject at length sometime back.  Some people suggested destroy the mind and
other extreme actions.  Mind can be destroyed by many available substances but
does not dawn realization.  I think without mind there is no realization of
anything leave alone the SELF.   There are several books on how to control
mind.  Swami Prabhavananda came up with the right solution.  Mind has to
control itself.   If you and others comment on how mind police itself it will
be helpful to people like me.  When I sit for meditation suddenly a thought
comes whether I closed the office door.  What I am trying to do and what is
happening is out of my (nagy) control.

Swmi Prabhavananda Says "unlearn the false identification of the thought waves
with the ego sense."    Again it is a function of the mind.

How the mind controls it self?    If anyone knows a way please post it.


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