Memory - part of the Self?

Gregory Goode goode at DPW.COM
Mon Feb 16 02:57:52 CST 1998

Prashant wrote:
>make this statement (that there  is only a NOW) so easily.
>Unless, you mean something like the following:   Existence is
>in the present, it is NOW (assumption!). Everything else
>(essentially thought) has an element of time associated with it
>and thus  can't have anything to do with NOW. If one denies
>that his existence has

This is pretty much what I do mean.  And by the same token, since
memory is just one thought that seem to refer to some other thing
which itself is a thought, memopry doesn't prove the existence of any
other time either.  But there is a good point to saying there is no
NOW either.  As soon as you are pointing to somthing and saying THIS
IS NOW, that object (what you are pointing to) is automatically in the
past.  So the Now, like the Truth, cannot be objectified.  It just IS.


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