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>On Wed, 11 Feb 1998, Chandran, Nanda (NBC) wrote:

>> Rather contradicts the point that one who attains Brahman is a Brahmana!
>> Can somebody give some information as to where this text occurs?
Sir Vaidya wrote:

> It is not an established fact that one who has attained Brahman is a
>Brahmana. There are a few other prerequisites.

My understanding:

One who attains Brahman is Brahman - Brahavit Brahaiva bhavati - is the sruti.

This is nothing to do with being Brahmana or not ( I mean by birth). He may
have to become a Brahmana ( I mean mentally) to realize Brahman, in the
sense that he has to acquire satvic vasanaas or purity of the mind.

Braham charati iti BrahamanaH.  - One who is trying to attain Brahman that
is the one who predominately has the satwic vasanaas and who is
mumukshutava is BrahmanaH.

In the Mundaka - there is a sloka:
        pareeksha lokan karma chitaan brahmano,
        nirvedamaayanaascha kRutaH kRutena|
        tad viJNaanarthama sa gurumevabhigachhet
        samit paaNiH sotriyam brahma nishTam||

A BrahmananH - an earnest seeker - who after careful examination of the
laws governing actions and results (mutual relations and limitations) that
karma or action ( including the Veda vihita karma or rituals) will not give
that Liberation or permanent happiness, should approach a teacher to seek
that knowledge (which will help him in attaining that which cannot be
attained by karma), a teacher who is knowledgeable in shaastras and who
himself is well established in Brahman, with samit (fire wood) in his hands
indicting an attitude of service or humility.

If BrahmanaH is already Brahman, there is no need for him to approach any
body since he will not find anybody else any way!

There were some questions about the Guru and whom to follow - the sloka is
very clear to whom one should follow. -

While the student may not have fool-proof litmus test to evaluate who is
Brahma NishTa or who is not, the teachers that denounces other teachers
vehemently rather than on objective grounds cannot impart any better
knowledge to their followers.  I have seen this happened where fanaticism
plays more than the logic and destroys an individual.

Once the nature of the truth is clearly understood, the means become very
clear.  Since Brahman includes everything, and requires a purity of mind to
appreciate one harmonioous substratum in all apparent diversity ( yo vai
bhuumat tadamRutam), any hindrances to arrive at that should be avoided by
an earnest seeker. A fanatic mind gets bound to his/her fanaticism and is
not free to go beyond.

That is why it is said in Katha -  it is a razor edge path and is difficult
to cross - says the wise.  kshurasya dhaara duratyayaa durgam pathanaat,
kavayo vadanti

Hari Om!

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