Bouddha Clarifications!!!

Chandran, Nanda (NBC) Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Wed Feb 11 12:51:48 CST 1998

I'm sorry if I came across as argumentative. And am definitely not
having a notion of intellectual superiority as I'm well aware that my
knowledge in the subject is incredibly little (will work hard to amend
that!). The only reason that I brought up this topic at all is that I
regret that Advaitam and Buddhism are at logger heads with each other
(probably am wrong about this!) and that the later is almost extinct in
the land of it's origin.

It may be true that to attain salvation one should be faithful to a
particular school of thought, but at my level, it seems that anything
meaningful, whatever the source must be used as an aid and being
eclectic, is the way to be. And that Vedic proponents refuse to see the
wisdom of such a great jnani like Buddha, makes me see red. Again I
might be wrong in that. Reading books by S Radhakrishnan who endorses
the view that I brought forward earlier just strengthens my opinion.
Maybe I didn't get him right.

The statement of Ramana Maharishi that I brought forth is from, "Talks
with RM".

Anyway, am grateful to all concerned, for the patience in answering my

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