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                                         Brahmaiva Satyam

Recently a friend of mine who is christian by birth and turned hindu by
destiny told me that there is no equivalent word for Atma and Brahman in
english or any other language.  Soul is not atma.  Soul is sushma shareeram.
Atma is in everything and everything is in Atma.  Life begins and ends and
Atma is eternal.  Any comments?

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On Wed, 4 Feb 1998, Chandran, Nanda (NBC) wrote:
> G Murthy's tail quote, "When all desires in the heart have fallen away, the
> individual attains Brahman even here". Is this from Katha or Brhadaranyaka
> Upanishad? S Radhakrishnan quotes this verse in his book on Dhammapada, but
> references it to Brhadaranyaka.

The same text given in Katha 2.3.14 is quoted in Brhad. 4.4.7.

Why did you assume OR rather than AND ? :-)

Regards, Charles.

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