Not Gaudapada, but Buddha!

Chandran, Nanda (NBC) Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Fri Feb 6 10:16:18 CST 1998

By nastika, I meant Buddha, not Gaudapada. For quite a few author are of the
opinion that Gaudapada felt that Buddha was only expounding the philosophy
of the Upanishads. And if it's Buddha that Gaudapada is saluting, then would
Buddha be the first Advaitic teacher?

Interestingly, even Ramana Maharishi felt that the Compassionate One's
followers misinterpreted him. S Radhakrishnan is of the same opinion. And
the reference to Narayana in Gaudapada's salutations are made mostly by
Hindu monks belonging to one orthodox tradition or the other, who don't want
the Buddhist influence to show.

I think it's sad that we who strive for the TRUTH, for the sake of orthodox
tradition, should not acknowledge and try to understand the greatness of the
teachings of probably, the singular greatest philosopher Bharath has
produced. Again it'll only be our loss!

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