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On Mon, 17 Aug 1998, nanda chandran wrote:


> Since this list deals with discussing Advaita Vedanta, even as taught by
> Shankara, we should understand that there are two aspects to it  :  1.
> Advaita as a practice and 2. Advaita as a philosophy. With the latter
> I'm unable to understand as to how discussions on Bouddha philosophy can
> be avoided?

Me neither.  it is vital to a proper understanding of early Vedanta.
(Just as understanding Dvaita polemics is important for learning later
Vedanta.)  The problem is most of the people who want to bring up Buddhism
are high on enthusiam and low on facts.  I can see how this is annoying.

> Unless ofcourse we ignore the entire Bouddha darshana and
> assume Gaudapada too shared our ignorance and after a millineum after
> the Gita and the Vedanta Sutras, in a lightning flash of intuition, like
> magic, came up with mayavada!
> And this running scared is definitely funny, since it was Advaita
> Vedanta which triumphed over Buddhism!


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