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On Fri, 14 Aug 1998, Ram Chandran wrote:

> Your observation supports that the apparant restrcitions in Vedic
> Traditions  are always subject to practicality and commonsense. The
> purpose of certain imposed restrictions was to maintain discipline but
> there are exceptions to rules and regulations.  When niyama-vidhis of
> rituals are violated, they can be rectified by additional rituals
> (pariharams or prayacithams).  I have seen my father (Vidhihar by
> profession) conducting prayachitha rituals to rectify wrong doings.

True but it should be emphasized that prayaschitta must be done in a
spirit of repentance.  One can't for example decide it's ok to rob a bank
because you can do prayachitta afterwards.

> Acharyas are very compassionate sages
> who do not mind to BEND but will never allow to break!

And are not afraid to push sometimes either.

>We live neither in Vedic time
> period nor in a Vedic society

there never was a Vedic age or a perfect Vedic society.  The "good old
days" are an optical illusion caused by the fact the bad parts quickly get
forgotten.  In time the bad parts of today will be forgotten.

>and we have to understand and appreciate
> our limitations.

The only limitations we have are the ones we choose to have.

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