Chelluri at AOL.COM Chelluri at AOL.COM
Thu Aug 27 20:44:39 CDT 1998

My wife Bala asked me who is supreme among devatas. Some say it is ganapathi,
some say it is siva, some  vishnu, some aditya and some like me say it is
Whom to believe?  Now  some even say it is dattatreya.
All of them are described as sat chit ananda/satyam  jnanam  anatam.
I told her whatever name you call IT is same.  To know the IT and describe,
human mind is not capable. IT is beyond human conception.  If you know IT,
then you are IT.  Nobody is there to explain IT.   Then how do these people
describe IT as (sat chit ananda/satyam jnaanam anantam).
Could somebody answer/comment.

Shubham              "Devi dayato nasti durbhiksham
                             Devi dayato nasti durlabham"


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