124. sarvama"ngalA

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Thu Aug 27 17:16:10 CDT 1998


sachchiNmayaH shivaH sAkShAt.h tasyAnandamayI shivA, according to
this shiva is sat and chit, and shivA is Ananda. SHE is the
unalloyed bliss. The word ma"ngala can denote the joy that arises
from auspiciousness of a woman, and sarva ma"ngala denotes all
that joy. SHE as sachchidAnanda is that joy. All beings in the
live depending on the speck of that bliss, according to
bR^ihadAraNyaka upanishad. The name sarvama"ngala denotes HER as
the pure  bliss of brahman.

[to be continued]

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