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Thu Aug 27 09:33:38 CDT 1998


For those who are interested in bhagavAn shrI ramaNa mahaR^iShi
and his teachings, following information will be of use to you.
For any additional information, please contact Dr. M. Giridhar at
giridhar at

With respects,

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I have just started a homepage on the Ramana Maharshi centre for learning
in Bangalore. The centre has several activities, but I am quite fond of the
monthly magazine it publishes. I have put the latest issue on the web. If
there is enough interest, I will request the center to allow me to publish
all the issues on the web. The home page address is

If you have any suggestions, questions or willing to volunteer some of your
time, please let me know. I am also in the process of setting up a home
page for the RM ashram in TVmalai. It will take some more time, but I will
keep you updated.


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