ganesha chaturthi

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
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Depending on where you are, either today or tomorrow is shrI
ganesha chaturthi. In this regard, shrI Anand Hudli's post (sept,
3rd week, 1996) should give more information.

shrI ganesha and praNava have very interesting connection. As
Ishvara, praNava is His symbol, and many say the form of Lord
Ganapati itself looks like praNava (written in devanAgari) in the
side view (so his form in a sense is a symbol of praNava). .

Sage patanjali says, to have communion with Ishvara one has to
contemplate and meditate on the praNava. It was mentioned here
earlier, about verbal (loud), whisper and mental meditation.
kuNDalini yoga (some schools) beleive that the highest form
meditation is as actually listening the roar of AUM internally.
As the yogi advances in his spiritual enquiry, (s)he will be able
to listen to the music of the spinal chakras. These depending on
the chakra is often denoted like sound of flute, etc. At the
highest stage, the yogi will able to listen to the roar AUM,
which it is said will burn his dross ( a true fire ceremony) and
wake one up in the infinte and lead to direct communion with

May we all mediate on Lord ganapati, who is said to be seated in
the mUlAdhAra, to remove all the obstacles in the way of our
spiritual enquiry. May Lord ganapati help to learn the teachings
of shrI shankara by bestowing us His grace.

AUM mahAgaNapataye namaH

AUM shankarAcharyavaryAya namaH

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