119. hAdividyA

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Tue Aug 18 18:35:53 CDT 1998

119. hAdividyA

SHE who is worshipped with the mantra beginning with ha.

hAdividya is one of 12 readings of pa~nchadashi. shrI lopAmudra
is the seer of the mantra and shrI lopAmudrA used it to worship
HER with the mantra

AUM hAdividyAyai namaH

(the mantra reads as "ha sa ka la hrIm.h ha sa ka ha la hrIm.h sa
ka la hrIm.h" it is printed in the tamil book I have. One should
not chant these mantra-s without initiation. But many books print
them though)


1) In the one of the names in this group the term haridashva
meaning indra came. It is because, harit = green and ashva =
horse, indra has a green horse. Aditya hridayam uses this name to
worship sUrya as well.

2) In bilvAShTakam, shankara uses the name harikesha (which we
discussed in detail) to praise shiva. There is nice cassette by
Y.N. Sharma and H.A. Shastry chanting this beautiful shloka.
They have also a cassette in which they chant rudram, chamakam,
puruSha sUktam, shrI sUktam and mantra pushpam. Latter is
available in UT library.

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