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Greg Goode goode at DPW.COM
Fri Aug 14 10:18:33 CDT 1998

>Prashant Sharma wrote:
>>         The point I am trying to make is that whatever one thinks about
>> the "other state" is because, and in terms of, some existing philosophy.
>> There is no "proof" that there is some other state of being, independent
>> of what a philosophy defines that to be. It is therefore quite clear that
>> only one philosophy can get you "there". Some other school of thought will
>> lend itself to an approach that shall take one somewhere else. So, as long
>> as we are going places let us ride the same bus. The possibility that we
>> arrive at the same place is not ruled out, but it is not proven either.

Jumping in here.  Picking up on your ideas that only one philosophy can get
you "there," and that another philosophy will take you somewhere else.  One
of the things that all non-dual philosophies are in agreement about (though
with different words) is this: there are no two "theres" for there to be.
So how can any of these philosophies take you to any *other* place?


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