buddha and his teachings(Re: message to my friends)

Maadhavan Srinivasan maadhavan at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Aug 13 13:54:23 CDT 1998

>I request the members not to shift the focus towards shrI buddha
>and his teachings. If some one wants to make a scholarly post
>comparing the teachings of buddha with advaita-vedanta with the
>purpose of clarifying and explaining certain concepts in
>advaita-vedanta, they are welcome to send it to me. I will post
>it to the list based on its worth. If I cannot decide by myself,
>I will consult with others and decide.
>As such, discussion on nAstika philosophies like buddhism,
>jainism, etc. is not permitted on this list. Please avoid it.

If it is the case, then why you published Thvaida philosopies such as
ambal sthothrams in this Advaita list.


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