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Relating to Vaidya Sundaram's comments on Vyavahaara:

Shankara states "sarvavyahaaraanam eva prak brahmaatmavijnaanaat
satyatwopapattehe"  Up until the dawn of  brahmavidya all vyavahaara's
are real.  So, it is certainly true to talk of "I" and "you"  as being
real.  However, it is important to note that when talking from the
Paramaartha standpoint Shankara certainly does not imply that you vanish
as if without trace. You are not a figment of anyone's imagination
(well, you are for now, as I have never met you!). Upon the dawn of
brahmavidya it is impossible to conceive anything as not Brahman.  The
classic example here is the Sri Rudram mantra, where everywhere the seer
looks, all he can experience is that oneness and says "namaha namaha" .
My perception of "you" changes.  An analogy is the process of
mathematical transformations.  As you will know, a fourier transform
turns a time series into frequency space.  The preceding time series
doesn't magically disappear- it is simply perceived from another
standpoint. Reality remains what it is.  So it is with the vyavahaara
and paramartha points of view.



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> > It is also important to recognise that all discussions of intellect
> and
> > right means of knowledge are a concession to the empirical
> standpoint
> > fashioned by Avidya.  Trust your instincts that, once you have seen
> > through the haze pf Pramana-prameya vyavahara, and all
> misconceptions
> > have been sublated, then that eternal Sakshi will shine of its own
> > accord.
>  I do not understand how it seems so simple to you and to F. Maiello
> to
> switch from the vyavahaarika to the paaramaartika so easily. I can
> easily
> delude myself that I am. Period. End of story.
>  It would still be a dulision and if I begin trusting my instincts, I
> will
> do what the accumulated vaasanaas want me to. (and need I even say
> what
> they will drag me into?)
>  It has to be understood that far being certain, apart from
> Upanishadic
> statements, and perhaps in a few cases, instances of yogic samadhi,
> there
> is no justification in making blanket statements about the One-ness.
>  The only thing certain to me right now is I am Vaidya. I have this
> and
> that etc etc. If you have realised the One-ness, I am only a figment
> of
> your imagination. But just because you say I am a image in your dream
> world, I dont just vanish; atleast I know I dont just vaporize into
> thin
> air ! And you dont vanish for me either.
>  Kindly address issues at the vyaavahaarika level.
> Cheers,
> Vaidya.
>                       Vaidya N. Sundaram
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>  The place, time, objects and their knower etc., projected in a dream
> during sleep are all mithyA (an illusion/false). So too, here. in the
> waking state, the world that is seen is a projection by one's own
> ignorance. Likewise, this body, the senses, the breath, the ego etc.,
> are all unreal. Therefore, That thou art, the peaceful, defectless,
> supreme, non-dual Brahman.  -- Adi Shankara in VivekacUdAmani.
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