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On Wed, 12 Aug 1998, Saxena, Subhanu wrote:

> Some observations on what Shankara means by logic and intellect:
> Shankara in his Bhashya states "Naanena mishena shushka tarkasya atra
> aatmalaabha sambhavati"  This aatman is not to be attained by dry logic.
> He goes on to say: "Srutyanugriheeta eva hyatra tarkaha anubhaangantwena
> aashriyate" Meaning "logic and reasoning that is in consonance with
> Sruti AND THE UNIVERSAL INTUITIVE EXPERIENCE is what is meant here" ie
> the use of logic has to be founded on that anubhava that is available to
> us all when we have cast of the notions of being an agent distinct from
> an object.
> It is also important to recognise that all discussions of intellect and
> right means of knowledge are a concession to the empirical standpoint
> fashioned by Avidya.  Trust your instincts that, once you have seen
> through the haze pf Pramana-prameya vyavahara, and all misconceptions
> have been sublated, then that eternal Sakshi will shine of its own
> accord.

Ah but the problem in this thread has been that several posters have put
the cart before the horse and attempted to infer things about this
misconceived world based on the paramarthika world.  That will not do.

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