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f. maiello egodust at DIGITAL.NET
Mon Aug 10 20:16:27 CDT 1998

Vidyasankar Sundaresan wrote:
> Aside from strategy, what is the philosophical position about whether the
> world is a real manifestation or otherwise? Or is there nothing beyond
> strategy?
> I think any sound theory of knowledge has to take into account a theory of
> ignorance and a theory of error. It is up to a person, who considers
> himself/herself ignorant, to go and search for ways to remove the
> ignorance. And there can be theoretically as many strategies as there are
> living beings in this world.

As you well know, our goal, the paramarthika state, is beyond theories
and philosophies.  There are no answers because there are no questions
there--ontological, epistemological, or otherwise.  Therefore, en route
to that "stateless state," any philosophic world conception only amounts
to a means of getting there, and therefore, by definition, it must be
purely arbitrary...which thereof amounts to a [discardable!] strategy
suitable to the developed temperament of the individual.

This is my line of logic, which is also suitable to my temperament,
as well as, for argument's sake, 20% of advaitins.  Yours may be
suitable to 40%.  So even if you've got me doubly logically beat,
doesn't mean your right and I'm wrong, if our respective approaches
deliver the same goods.  I don't stand a great chance in "arguing"
with you any further on this anyway! :-)


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