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Vidyasankar Sundaresan vidya at CCO.CALTECH.EDU
Mon Aug 10 18:33:40 CDT 1998

> Your point is right. But somehow (may not be in this thread, but in other
> concurrent threads), actionlessness was attributed to physical sannyAsa,
> which I think is not correct.

I'll let others answer for themselves, but as far as I can see, those who
were upholding physical saMnyAsa were not denying the place of mental
saMnyAsa. My point is that the niyamas of physical saMnyAsa can help
prepare the mind/individual for the ultimate state of actionlessness.

> I have some doubts about your point ".. Nobody is born a jivanmukta
> without first having been a mumukshu..", but that will be the subject of
> another thread.

Even in the case of vAmadeva, who was born a jnAnI, he acquired
brahman-knowledge when in the womb, no? This is a rare case, isn't it?


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