Lakshman Geeta

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Conversatation between Lakshman & Guha (From Tulsi krit Ramayana)

For the Jungle unfitted do both of them seem;
"Men say often and truly that Fate is supreme.
.........       ........

Greatest sorrow and worry the poor boatman found,
Seeing Sita and Rama asleep on the ground.

To him Lakshman replied in a low gentle voice,
Full of warm love and knowledge, unselfish and choice:

"No man can give sorrow or joy to another;
"It's always the fruit of one's own actions, brother;

"Uniting, dividing, foul pleasures or fair,
"Evil, good, or indiffrence-'its delusion's snare

"Of life and of death the worlds's course is the reason,
"Of all gain and loss, of each fruit in its season;

"One's city and fam'ly, land, riches and home,
"Even life and death too, in the world's course must come;

"But listen and note and take heed in your soul-
"All these things are unreal, bring us not to our goal.

"Just as in their dreaming kings may become beggars,
"And beggars may well become gods,
"But on waking find no gain or loss, so to us
"Is this delusive life with its odds.

"So consider this well and with anger have done;
"For these troubles put uselessly blame upon none;

"Here we all are asleep and we see many dreams,
"But because of illusion real ev'ry one seems;

"In this nigh -like this world  those devoted ones waken
"Who, seeking the real, have all false things forsaken.

"Know this-Only then the soul wakens to morn,
"When it turns from all sensual pleasures with scorn;

"When the soul wakens, falsehood and error must flee;
"Then to Rama's blest feet one devoted can be;

"In thought, word and deed to his feet when devoted,
"The chief  good of life is then ours, be it noted;

"For Rama is Brahma, of all good the essence,
"Eternal, unseen, filling all with His presence,

"Unequalled, above all division and change;
"Scriptures show him to be far beyond our mind's range.
I hope this will not sound too far off the subject. If it does , Pl. remind
me. I will stop.
My humble pranams to all Gurus.

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