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In this series, I am planning to discuss the shiva mAnasa pUjA of
shrI shankara as I understand it. I hope knowledgeable members
will correct the errors in what I write.  Before  going into the
text, I will try to bring out the importance of mAnasa pUja from
the life of a nAyanmAr called thiru pUsalAr (from place called
thiruninRavUr of thamizhnADu). Then I will briefly explain the
shoDasha upachAra which is often used in the pUja of devatas and
then go to the text.  This will be posted in small pieces on a
regualar basis (not daily).


In thamizhnADu there is place called thiruninRavUr. In that place
there lived a brahmana called pUsalar who is well trained in
veda-s and agama-s. This brahmana had a burning desire. In that
village there was no temple for Lord shiva and pUsalar wanted to
construct a temple. Eventhough he had the desire, he did not have
the material resources to support it. But pUsalar had the
knowledge of building a temple for Lord shiva according to Agama
vidhiH. After a long contemplation on his inability to build a
temple, pUsalAr got an idea to accomplish what he desired.

[to be continued]

Note: Text for shiva mAnasa pUja is available in the jaguar site.

\aside for the shankara aShtottaram, shrI Vidyasankar and shrI
Charles Wikner, mailed me the corrections. After completing the
document, I will mail the document to Jaguar site and let you

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