Gummuluru Murthy gmurthy at MORGAN.UCS.MUN.CA
Tue Aug 4 10:25:52 CDT 1998

I do hope members bear with me for expressing a view which is not on
advaita but a matter of deep concern to me.

Events (signing-offs) are taking place on this List, a bit out of control
and of which we either as advaitins or as mature humans cannot justify.
I feel all the more bad because I am the one who took the first step in
that direction. This is now snow-balling.

I sincerely and most firmly think that both Shri f. meillo and Shri
Sadananda should be on the List. Shri f.meillo's eclectic approach to
advaita has to be contempled on and understood. I have always enjoyed
it and always look for a similar expression in Shri Shankara or Shri
RamaNa's teachings. Of course, Shri Sadananda's knowledge-oriented,
well-referenced articles are a delight to read and a stimulus for
contemplation. I cannot see an advaita-list without these stalwarts.
Just only last week, I received advice from both asking me to come
back to the List and I joined back again. I request them to re-consider
their decision and re-join immediately.

May I suggest that we re-trace our steps to two weeks ago and start
afresh again. Let us abandon the presently active threads and start
fresh new threads. Let us take personalities out of the discussion
and let each poster read his/her post again before pressing the
SEND key (for it is clear that attacks on posters is the root cause
for this alarming crisis). I would hope Shri Ravi, as List owner,
takes the following actions:

1. puts in an administrative advice to members not to attack the
personalities of posters or use abusive language in describing the
contents of a post.

2. request both Shri f. meillo and Shri Sadananda to re-join the List

Of the regular posters, I may be one of the senior ones (left now) in
terms of age. Certainly advice, based on age and experience of life,
is to be taken seriously based on Indian traditions.

Gummuluru Murthy

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