retirement from the forum

Greg Goode goode at DPW.COM
Tue Aug 4 08:40:05 CDT 1998

My hat off to Ramakrishnan for the humility, insight, self-awareness, heart
and kindness of his post!!


At 07:06 PM 8/3/98 -0400, Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian wrote:
>I would like to apologize for making strong statements like I did. I am
>unable to express anything I feel strongly without sounding extremely
>harsh, due to lack of communication skills. I have realized that it does
>not do anything to change the other person (nor myself), and does not
>give other readers any useful points either. Henceforth I am going to
>stay out of any discussions like this till I develop enough
>communication skills to put strong views across.

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