retirement from the forum

f. maiello egodust at DIGITAL.NET
Mon Aug 3 15:41:41 CDT 1998

I have been asked by Ravi in a private mail to post only
what is relevant to the List, and to further support what
I write by quotes from shankara or his disciples.  I have
reservations about this for the following reasons:

I don't know what I may have posted that isn't relevant
to advaita.  Despite that my words are based on my own
experience, I happened to have later recognized that my
experience primarily coincided with the esoteric teachings
of Buddha, Christ, Sankara, Ramakrishna, and Ramana, among
others. I maintain that the highest truth of these teachings
are essentially advaitic or non-dual; that is, there are no
real individuals in existence, *apart* from their universal
source or Substratum.  To affect this end, various methods
or strategies are employed, specifically geared toward the
dissolution of the amalgamated accumulation of ideas or
thoughts, representing the ego.  I have attempted to focus
whatever I posted on one or more of these strategies.

I salute Ravi for the excellent job he's doing in managing
this List.  With the exception of some very minor problems,
it's on of the most respectful and peaceful forums I've seen
anywhere, no less on the internet.  However, I cannot
effectively continue to post if my ideas are regarded as
irrelevant to advaita and/or in violation of the teaching
of adi shankara.  Therefore, I request that Ravi remove me
from the List.

I more than welcome anyone to email me, as well as visit
my website:


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