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>From Tulasikrit Ramayana
Kaagbhusundi & Lomus Risi Sambad:

With Answers flung back I his answers resisted,
Till anger was roused in him as I persisted.

At such disrespect, my lord ,'tis not surprising;
If even in wise hearts is anger seen rising;

In Sandal-wood sometimes might flame be detected,
If it were to vigorous friction subjected.

Again and again the saint tried to expound
His philosophy, hot with his raging;
While questions and inf'rences as I now give,
As I sat there, my mind were engaging:

Without mind divided, how comes rage? Wihtout
Lack of knowledge how be dual-minded ?
How likened to God can the soul be that proves
So restricted, dull, delusion-blinded ?

How can he suffer pain by whom all souls are blest ?
How be poor, of the famed magic-stone once possessed ?

Can the sensu'l man ever be blameless ? Or he
That afflicts others from fear and danger be free ?

Can one's fam'ly abide if a Brahman be harmed ?
Can one's duties by thinking  of self be performed ?

Can a good mind be kept in bad comp'ny ? Or life
That is worthy by taking another man's wife ?

Can a king without justice his kingdom maintain ?
Can one's  sin, if he tells of the Lord's life, remain ?

Can he be bound by birth who. life 's truest end seeks ?
Can he be blest who evil of God or man speaks ?

Without virtue can one ever win a good name ?
Or without sinning ever be worthy of blame ?

Can a greater good than love for God be achieved ?
None, if witness of scriptures and saints be believed !

Can there be greater loss upon earth than that one
Born as man should the praises of Lord Rama shun ?

Can there be greater sin than mind wholly malignant ?
Or duty diviner than spirit benignant ?

(Siva said: In him, Uma, who loves Rama forces
Of lust, pride and anger are stilled;
Could he fight with or hate any one when he sees
The whole world with his Lord's presence filled ?)

I hope Doha from Tulsi krit Ramayana is not too inappropriate in our Advaita-
Namaskaram: Namaskaram: Namaskaram.

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