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>(general comments)
>There seems to be a growing notion that "self-enquiry"(god knows how each
>person defines it to himself) is all that is necessary and it can be done
>wherever and whenever one pleases. If one isn't free completely of the
>material and mental accumulations, the so called "self-enquiry" only leads
>to disastrous conclusions.
>Srinivas Sista.

For some reason my last mail on the topic keeps moving.

Whether one has taken sanyaasa ashrma or not,  what it boils down to
essentially for self ignornence is self-knowledge.  Help from ones guru,
from shastra would provide the requisite help for a earnest seeker in terms
of how one should go about. There are no short circuits for that.  Yoga
(karma included) can become a prerequiste for the chitta suddhi to prepare
one for the flight. This is for Rama too. Please note that I have never
denounced Karma.  Chittasya suddaye karma na tu vastuupa labhyaye is the
famous vivekachuuDaamani's quate.  It helps for purification of mind from
attachments. For dhyanam as Srinivas Sista refers to, there is a need of a
guru and sastra and faith.  Shastraas tell us that is not the materials or
lack of them but attachment or dependence on them for happyness is the
source of bondage.  I have no delusion that detachment is easy whether it
is for a gruhasta or for a sanyaasi. What is requried for sadhana is
ShravaNam, mananam and nidhidhyaasanam.  There is no short circuit for that

Hari Om!

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